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Facilitating Conferences

Learn how to facilitate restorative conferences — structured meetings that bring together everyone affected by an incident of wrongdoing or conflict to discuss how they have been affected and decide how to repair the harm.


  • how to prepare for and facilitate a restorative circles/conferences
  • using the restorative conferencing script
  • do’s and don’ts for facilitators
  • sociological and psychological foundations of restorative conferencing
  • dynamics of victimization
  • differences between restorative and punitive discipline


  • group exercises to practice facilitating restorative circles/conferences
  • feedback from experienced restorative conference facilitators
  • instructional videos
  • video discussion and analysis

Using Circles Effectively

Learn the value and process of circles — practical and effective tools for creating a positive climate which you will be able to use immediately.  Ideally paired with Introduction to Restorative Practices training


  • circles can be used, with a modest time investment, to:
  • create a positive communities at any grade level
  • manage disruptive behaviour
  • circles teach victims and offenders
  • how to build trust


  • circle/conference techniques and ideas
  • what circles/conferences can accomplish
  • how circles/conferences can be restorative
  • using circles/conferences to stimulate understanding

Agenda & Materials

  • participatory exercises to:
  • practice using circles/conferencing
  • develop new circle/conference applications and questions
  • videos of circles/conferences in actual situations
  • analysis of videos in the context of restorative philosophy
  • discussion of key circle/conference issues
  • helpful materials to take home

On-site training at your workplace:

  • are ideal for training large numbers of staff
  • are available according to your time constraint
  • are adapted for your particular concerns
  • can be targeted to specific groups
  • can be accompanied by consultation and follow-up activities