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Prison Service

Indigenous or customary practices are being adapted for use in the criminal justice system. Examples of this include conferencing and circles.

Victim-offender encounters taking place inside prisons. In some instances this involves victims meeting with their offenders in a kind of “post sentencing mediation;” and “Circles of Support”.

The programme increases safety of the public by establishing an agreement and reintegration plan with the offender, by regularly monitoring the behaviour of the offender, and by ensuring that community resources needed (when necessary) by the offender are made available. It ensures the safety of the offender by offering a forum for community members to voice their concerns, by intervening with community members when necessary, and by working with the police and other authorities to provide protection and services as needed.

Victim-offender-community meetings are being done at many phases of the justice process. They are run by police prior to charge, by probation officers and by prison officers. This is in addition to the provision of community-based victim-offender-community meetings.