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Discover restorative concepts and learn effective strategies for managing student behaviour and teaching students to take responsibility for their actions.  Utilising the use of  ‘Circles’ effectively.  The training delivered is flexible to the needs of the students, and our trainers adjust the course delivery accordingly.  All sessions are linked to the practical aspects of delivering restorative interventions.  The training is very student centred, with a significant core of practical experience.  The following content is covered within three days.  The skills practice is adjusted to the client.


  • a stronger school community
  • positive relationships, even with challenging students
  • improved classroom climate
  • fewer disciplinary referrals
  • more instructional time


  • underlying concepts of restorative practices

Effective strategies for:

  • managing student behaviour
  • teaching students to take responsibility for their actions
  • engaging students and their parents in their own behavioural and academic issues

Agenda & Materials

  • exercises for practicing restorative techniques
  • videos taken at schools where restorative practices are in use
  • accounts from experienced restorative practitioners
  • discussion topics:
  • participants’ experiences and struggles in school
  • connectedness and relationships
  • student investment in academics
  • misbehaviour
  • the educator’s role
  • helpful take-along handouts


  • empower students to take responsibility for their behaviour
  • hold students accountable for their actions
  • let students hear directly from the people they’ve affected
  • provide opportunities to decide how to repair harm
  • break cycles of misbehaviour, such as bullying, truancy and classroom disruption
  • can be used within your current discipline system
  • truly resolve conflicts