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Training Costs


In-House Tariff

Level 1 Basic Introduction:  Setting the scene, development of restorative justice and restorative approaches Small Group 4-12
One Trainer
Large Group 12+ Two Trainers 1 Day
3 x 2 hours
Level 2 Conference Skills: Responding restoratively in day to day situations Small Group 4-12 Large Group 12+ 2 Days
6 x 2 hour
Having previously taken level 1
Level 3 Advanced Conference and Circle Skills Small Group 4-12 Large Group 12+ 1 Day Those having previously taken level 1 and 2
Restorative Practice for Neighbourhood Panel Members and Magistrates/Court staff Basic introduction to benefits of a restorative outcome and how to include this into referral panel meetings and into casework Small Group 4-12 Large Group 12+ 1 Day For all neighbourhood panel members and Magistrates/Court Staff
Using restorative circles Using restorative circles to building social and communication skills Small Group 4-12 Large Group 12+ 1 Day Anyone
Daily rate per small group Daily rate per large group Mileage Accommodation   Manuals
£550 £1,100 £0.45 Over 80 miles basic accommodation in Premier Inn or equivalent £12 per delegate or we are happy to email files to client sothey can print their own manuals for one off payment of £25